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Offering our customers services based on market knowledge and expertise, and by understanding the way your business operates and uses electricity.

Yes, the light comes on when you flip the switch no matter who’s logo is on your bill.

But is your power contract working for you? The structure of your contract is the key to capturing the best value available and ensuring you’re in the best possible position in the often volatile electricity market.


Learn how Verity Power Group is helping Texans save money and secure the best contracts for electricity.

Energy Procurement and
Risk Management

Verity Power Group provides custom strategies for your company while taking in consideration your energy demand needs for usage. The end result is securing the right contract structure and terms for your organization. Each year we save hundreds of Texas companies money on electricity and natural gas.

New Construction Services

Start your new construction with confidence with Verity Power Group. Our experts help minimize risks and delays with a well-documented process from important inspections to locking in the best business electricity rates in Texas.

Industrial & GovernmentAL Infrastructure Renewal Programs

We provide research findings and recommend behavioral and physical infrastructure/operational improvements to increase efficiency across all operational aspects of your city, school or company. Verity Power Group will help implement desired changes after the infrastructure renewal report.

Predominant Use & tax Refund services

Verity Power Group can perform a predominant usage study of your company to determine if you qualify for tax exemption on energy spending. Some businesses can qualify for up to a 4-year sales tax refund. Read more to see if your business qualifies.

Lighting Upgrades & Automation

At Verity Power Group, our goal is to help our clients take advantage of all opportunities to save money on their energy contracts. We can recommend the most energy-efficient lighting fixtures with cutting edge automations that can lead to saving money, but also state-issued reimbursements. 

4CP Management

The 4 CP Demand (4 COINCIDENTAL PEAKS)​ applies to the transmission system related components of the TDU charges for ESI IDs with IDR meters. The 4 CP Demand is the average of the customer’s integrated 15 minute kW (or kVA) demands at the time of the monthly ERCOT system 15 minute peak kW demand for the months of June, July, August and September of the previous calendar year. The Retail Customer’s 4 CP Demand will be updated effective on January 1 of each calendar year and remain fixed throughout the calendar year.

Demand Response

Verity Power Group can determine if a Demand Response program would be a good fit for your company. Demand Response includes the availability to shed energy load during high usage times to save money and energy.

Energy efficiency & Rebate Programs

No matter what the size of your company is, we can find rebate programs for energy efficiency that fit your needs and save you money. 

Environmental & Energy Efficiency studies

We work with our clients to provide environmental and energy efficiency studies to ensure to optimize their day-to-day operations. If you’re interested in a custom report, please contact us. 


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